About Maurice Ostroff


Maurice Ostroff is a founder member of the international Coalition of Hasbara Volunteers, better known by its acronym CoHaV, (star in Hebrew), a world-wide umbrella organization of volunteers active in combating anti-Israel media and political bias and in promoting the positive side of Israel. He is a past chairman of the Israel South Africa Chamber of Commerce and is presently an honorary officer of the Chamber. He is a former member of the Board of Governors of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

His articles, commenting on current affairs, are published in Israel and abroad.

Mr. Ostroff holds a masters degree in industrial engineering, a B.Sc. degree in mathematics and physics and a B.Sc. (Engineering) degree in electrical engineering. He was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Administration and Commerce of South Africa where he was the Group Administrative Director of Morlite Holdings Limited, an industrial conglomerate listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. He is a former chairman of the South African Technion Society and of the South African Stainless Steel Sanitaryware Manufacturers Association as well as president of the Federation of Sanitaryware and Hardware Merchants Associations of South Africa, which body elected him as honorary life vice-president.

On immigrating to Israel Mr. Ostroff was appointed managing director of Orbit Medicenters Limited, the company which initiated and brought to fruition, the Herzliya Medical Center. He was also a member of the team which motivated and created Beth Protea and continues to serve as a member of the “chevra”

His website www.2nd-thoughts.org is widely known as a source of reliable dispassionate information about the Arab-Israel conflict. It contains a substantial section on the Goldstone mission including his open correspondence with judge Goldstone. See www.2nd-thoughts.org/id220.html