Google and this site search are not case sensitive. Hence peter black or Peter Black will be treated identically

Quotation marks

If you type in the search box, The Doha debate it implies you are seeking the words the OR Doha OR debate and you will obtain a large number of results containing any or all of these words.

However if you place quotation marks around the words thus ” The Doha debate” the search will find only this phrase

Caution. The use of quotation marks may exclude some important results for example ‘peter black” won’t find Peter G. Black”

Finding a word or phrase in an article

When the search result provides links to articles on the site, you can find the required words in any particular article by opening it. Then by pressing CTRL and F a new search box will appear. To find the required word or phrase in the article enter it into this new search box and press enter.

Note that in a CTRL+F search the use of quotation marks described above does not apply. The search will only find complete phrases

CTRL + F can be used to find words or phrases on any page on the site or on the web