Is it worth it,Sheik Nasrallah?

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Are you counting the cost in human misery?

Hundreds of people have been killed and more are dying hourly. I use the word “people” deliberately, not Israelis nor Lebanese, because human misery is human misery. Parents are burying their children in reversal of the natural order.

Thousands are maimed, millions displaced from their homes, careers wrecked and businesses and properties destroyed

You have declared that Hezbollah’s objectives are to obtain the release of Lebanese prisoners in Israel and to recover the Shaba’s Farms area for Lebanon. The latter, despite that fact that after examining all available evidence, the UN has ruled that the Shaba?s Farms area is Syrian and that its fate is subject to future Israeli-Syrian negotiations in terms of resolution 242.

As Hezbollah Secretary-General and a devoted Muslim and as a leader reported to be one of the most widely revered public figures in the Islamic world today, I ask you in all sincerity; is it worth it?

As a man of religion, if you have an ounce of humanity, stop the immediate carnage NOW, by implementing Security Council Resolution 1559 as called for by the UN and other international bodies. Why prolong the agony of your own people one hour longer? Their fate is in your hands.