Evaluation of, and submissions to
The UN Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza war

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Comments by a military expert who knows what he is talking about

Why did the report ignore these military leaders

How  the media reported on the 2014 Gaza War

The UN report: Part 1 Who is more credible

The UN report: Part 2 What the report should have told us but didn’t

The UN report: Part 3 The blockade of Gaza

Hamas demanded Palestinians stay in their homes despite Israel’s warnings the houses would be bombed



Key preliminary findings by a high level non-Israeli military group submitted to the Inquiry Commission in June 2015 in anticipation of the Commission’s report.

The New Face of Conflict – An authorotative report by high ranking non-Israeli army officers (March 2015)

UN Watch and NGO Monitor’s 215-page book, Filling in the Blanks:

250 page  report “The 2014 Gaza conflict. Factual and legal aspects” published by the State of Israel May 2015

Letter by US Congress leaders to the chairman of the UN inquiry

A comprehensive factual overview of the 2014 Gaza war

The impending UN report on the 2014 Gaza war  (June 2015)

The ICC and Israel

The ICC and complementarity

Listed below are links to submissions submitted to the UN Commission

1. a) Memorandum from Maurice Ostroff to the commission  Click here for the complete pdf document
    b) Supplementary video memorandum from Maurice Ostroff  Click here for the video
  c) An open letter to the chairperson of the UN  Commission of Inquiry on the 2014  Gaza Conflict
d) The special matza that saved Kibbutz Sufa

2. Submissions by Advocate Charles Abelsohn
a) re responsibility for deaths of children in  Gaza – Click here for the pdf document
b) Siege of Gaza is a myth  Click here for the pdf document
c) Personal experience. Click here for the pdf file
d) Capita – That violence is not due to the “occupation;That the “security barrier” is legal; and That there is no “Apartheid” in Israel and that any “suffering” by the Palestinians is not attributable to Israel. Click here for e the pdf file
e) The term OPT is a misnomer – Click here for the pdf file
A follow-up open letter to the chairperson of the UN Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict

3. NGO Monitor on the GAZA WAR SUMMER 2014 – July 30, 2014 (Updated January 30, 2015)
Highly politicized NGOs have been issuing irresponsible statements condemning Israel. They make unverifiable claims, distort international law, and  fuel the flames of the delegitimization campaign against Israel. NGO Monitor, a leader in the struggle against the above misinformation, was founded in 2002 – a few months after the UN “World Conference Against Racism” in Durban.   Click here for the UPDATED pdf document and here for Annex 1 “Goldstone report reconsidered”

4. Request by UN Watch for  Prof. Schabas to recuse himself   Click here for an  advance copy – pdf document

5. Submission by Henry Shakenovsky, SC (Senior Counsel – South- Africa), formerly acting Judge of the High Court of South Africa    Click here for the pdf document

6. Covering letter and submission by Professor Elihu D Richter MD MPH, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Jerusalem and a founder of the Jerusalem Center for Genocide Prevention
Click here for pdf covering letter and here for the submission on proportionality

7. a)  Submission  by Dr. Denis MacEoin, specialist in Islamic studies, Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute  –   “Is Israel Guilty of War Crimes?” Click here for pdf document
   b) Published article by Dr Maceoin Click here http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/5158/israel-war-crimes

8. Testimony given by Dr. Eado Hecht on the tunnels in Gaza – Click here for the pdf file 

9. Submission by David Goshen – Click here for the pdf file

10. Letter to Judge McGowan Davis from attorney Trevor S. Norwitz
Click here for the pdf file  

11. Submission by Colonel Richard Kemp CBE

12. Submission by the international Association of Jewish lawyers and jurists (item b)

13.Testimony of a resident of Moshav Netiv Ha’asara – Living on the edge”
Click here for the pdf file



It is disturbing that the wording of the above resolution does not refer to ALLEGATIONS OR REPORTS of violations but to actual violations that the UNHRC  assumes have occurred before hearing any evidence at all. While this type of pre-judgment is inconsistent with an impartial judicial body it is hoped that the members of the commission will weigh the evidence impartially and, to quote Commission Chairman, Professor Schabas, will park their preconceived opinions at the door

It is disappointing too, that the hearings are not made available by video on the internet and that the submissions from the public will not be made similarly available as was done during the Goldstone mission proceedings. After all justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done. See item 1(c) above